Att. Haluk AVCI

Born in Ankara in 1966. Graduated from TED Ankara  College and Ankara University Faculty of Law. Between 1993 and 1994 worked on EU Law and Banking Laws in University of J.W.Von Goethe in Germany. In 1997 for 7 months performed researches on Parliamentary Democratic Regimes in German Parliament. Since 2000 Haluk AVCI has been participating over 400 TV programs such as European Line, Dialogue and Country Hour on TRT Int and TRT 2 as a guest lawyer, also starting from 1998 giving lectures in various law conferences. At the same time, Haluk AVCI is a brand mark agent.

SPECIALTIES: Turkish Commercial Code, Corporate Law, Banking and Insurance Law, Real Estate Law

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Haluk Avcı Law Office has been giving legal service since 1996 in Ankara and throughout Turkey together with its solution partner offices. Attorney-at-laws, lawyers and competent advisors, specialized in their areas, are on task to find prompt and accredited... Read More...

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