Our Vision and Our Mission

All the working principles for lawyers, stated by Turkish Lawyers Code and universal law for attorney-at-laws are basic principles for our law office. While we carry on our profession we respect firstly our conscience and laws determining our working rules. A good lawyer works for the justice, not for his material benefit, with all his knowledge, skills and heart. On the other hand lawyer respects and remains true to laws, ethical and moral rules, keeping in mind that attorney ship is a very special relation between attorney and client, and performs his duty in a shortest period of time. Our law office has been performed its mission without compromising these principles and will continue.

About Us

Haluk Avcı Law Office has been giving legal service since 1996 in Ankara and throughout Turkey together with its solution partner offices. Attorney-at-laws, lawyers and competent advisors, specialized in their areas, are on task to find prompt and accredited... Read More...

Human Resources

To gain Information on our Human Resources management strategy, please send your (C.V.) or personal biography on our e-mail: info@avk.com.tr


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